Service Strategy

  • Service Network

    1. A Team of 100 Engineers
    2. More Than 30% of Technical Experts
    3. R&D-Lead Technology Support Center
  • Service Platform

    1. 24-Hour Call Center
    2. Spare Parts Center
    3. Professional Maintenance Tools
  • Service Quality

    1. Full-Time Technical Experts
    2. One-to-One Service
    3. Preventive Maintenance Eliminating Hidden Dangers
  • Service Efficiency

    1. Quick Problem Solution by Remote
    2. 3-Level Service Network

Service Procedure

  • Service Report

  • 24-hours Online Service ([email protected])

  • Service Registration and Information Inquiry

  • Technical Experts Remote Diagnosis

  • Service Return Visit

  • Maintenance Completed

  • Field Maintenance

  • Spare Parts Shipment

Service Characteristic

Technical team

Remote APP

Image Optimization

Fast Troubleshooting

Remote Maintenance

Service Resource

  • Large Spare
    Parts Warehouse

  • Efficient IT Platform

  • Regional Spare Parts
    Transfer Station

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