New ANATOM 32 Fit installation in Cameroon


In September of 2019, our compact and most cost-effective designed CT scanner-ANATOM 32 Fit had been reached in Cameroon. Another new ANATOM 32fit had been installed in a local large-scale hospital Douala, which is the largest city in Cameroon. 

Our engineers had been arrived in Douala on 11th of September, after 5 days equipment installation, on 16th of September, the equipment had been started for use, the average reception is about ten patients for each day. This time, our African customers are really appreciated and satisfied with the whole installation progress, and also very satisfied with the easy and convenient operation system. As the key area of “one belt” policy, Africa had always take and important strategic market place for ANKE, and it’s our great pleasure to assist African friends to improve the medical & health environment.

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