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   Clinical Images   

 The ANATOM 16 HD offers cost-effective and low-cost maintenance 16-slice computed tomography with multi-detector capabilities and high configurations for maximum patient throughput.

? Modularized OptiWave HD detector features low-cost & easy maintenance, high spatial resolution and long lifetime

? Admir3D iterative technology delivers optimal dose efficiency and noise reduction without compromising image quality

? High configrations of main components ensure the best results and maximum patient throughput

? Uniquely and creatively uses 140kV and 80kV dual energy scan mode for brain imaging on 16-slice CT to offers you extraordinary image quality both in low and high density resolutions

? AdoseTM mA modulation ensures you low dose imaging without compromising image quality particularly useful in pediatric applications

? Equiped with dedicated Abast and Amast for bone and metal artifacts