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ASA-200E High Pressure Injector


ASA-200E CT Enhancement Injector specializes in CT scanner injection. It provides dual-volume tubes A and B for CT enhancement. The injection has 100 sets of preset injection programs which can be recalled and modified conveniently. Four different phases of injection rate enable all kinds of CT enhancement technologies and guarantee the CT enhancement effects. Multifarious input and output modes enable it to connect with various brands of CT scanners. Injection interruption helps you handle emergencies flexibly. Pressure limit, dual operating console connecting scan room and operation room together making it more convenient. It is the best choice for middle and senior CT users.

? CE mark

? Flexible and compact design, convenient and easy operation

? “Exhaust Confirm” button to secure the safety of injection

? Dual operating console working mode

? Injection pause responding to emergency cases

Technical specifications:

? Injector Tube Capacity: 30ml and 200ml available for selection

? Injector Dosage: -130ml and 1-200ml available for selection

? Injection Rate: 0.1-8ml/s (step 0.1ml/s)

? Time Interval: 0-240s

? Scan Delay (Injection/Exposure): 0-99s

? Memory Injection Program: 100sets

? Injection Change Capacity: 1-4 phases available for selection

? Preset Pressure Limit: 100psi, 150psi, 200psi, 250psi

? Sucking and Exhaust Rate Adjustment: 0.4ml/s, 6ml/s, adjustable

? Power Supply: 220VAC+10%/50Hz+1Hz