Clinical Images   

OPENMARK III is 0.3T MRI developed in 2004. It's approved by FDA and has CE mark. C-shape open magnet design allows the widest possible view and makes patients more comfortable. It supplies fast imaging and high-quality images and provides rich preset scan protocols as well as advanced applications, such as diffusion imaging, ultra-fast imaging, angiography and breath-hold scan, etc...

With the highest system stability and the highest homogeneity of the magnet field in permanent MRI  
Large vertical magnet space make it possible for joint motion analysis and increase the application range of patients, for instance, the obese patients
 Motor-driven patient couch makes it easier for patients to access and for positioning 
Powerful hardware and software platforms ensure the scan speed, image quality and make it possible for advanced imaging functions
Rich scan sequences, advanced imaging technology and powerful post-processing technology ensure image quality, extend more applications, which can fully satisfy the clinical needs.

Full-scale upgraded FSE; Fast hydro-imaging for crisp display of MRCP and MRU; Relaxation time difference and signal phase difference enable water-fat separation and water restriction imaging; Thin slice and small FOV imaging make high resolution display of small organs available; Breath hold scan eliminates motion artifact for chest and abdomen; Over sampling provides flexible FOV imaging; Single-shot imaging for ultra-fast examination; MRA for clinical applications; Repeat time optimization improves sampling efficiency; Echo sharing reduces scan time...

Intelligent user-friendly operating system ensures you easy operation