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ASR-4000 Digital Mammography System



   Clinical Images   

ASR-4000 is a high-end mammography system. It adopts the latest technologies which enable high performance of ASR-4000 system. The advanced HW & SW ensure our system has the features of excellent image, low radiation dose and user-friendly operation. 

Excellent Life Technology
L-Dose technology. Automatically optimize exposure parameters according to the detected breast thickness and breast density.
i-Pose intelligent positioning increases operating convenience, decreases workload and improve work efficiency.
f-Comp Flexible Compression - More flexible comp, more comfortable.
e-View system platform functions highly and seamlessly integrated in e -View system platform with easy-going work-flow and user-friendly operation.

Biopsy and Tomography
ASR-4000 can be upgraded with biopsy and tomography, which are the latest and most advanced functions in Mammography clinical applications.

Various Configurations Available
Small and big detectors flat panel for choices
Detectors of a-Si/a-Se possible