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? ANKE MRI Family History 


? Milestones

    ANKE has created many firsts and won several honors in Chinese medical device industry, filling many national gaps and contributing a lot to public health. 
    1989    First MRI in China
    1990    First CFM Ultrasound System in China
    1991    First High-tech Enterprise in Shenzhen, Guangdong
    1991    First High-tech Enterprise in Chinese medical device industry
    1992    China’s First Superconductive MRI 0.6T
    1992    China’s First High-precision Stereo-tactic
    1994    Top One Hundred National High-tech Enterprise
    1995    First PACS in China
    1996    Earliest National Enterprise-based Post-doctoral Workstation
    1998    First Open MRI with Permanent Magnet in China
    2000    First Neurosurgical Navigation System in China
    2001    Shenzhen Top One Hundred High-tech Enterprise
    2002    Shenzhen Key Software Enterprise
    2002    China’s First Mammography System ASR-3000
    2004    Guangdong Top One Hundred High-tech Enterprise
    2009    First Mobile CT in China
    2010    China’s First Superconductive MRI 1.5T
    2012    Launched FPD Digital Mammography System ASR-4000 and OPENMARK 5000
    2013    Launched 16 slice CT scanner ANATOM 16